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Grow with us

Develop Skills and Knowledge

Our values of service, training, and leadership give you a framework for how to work and grow in  an environment that allows you to develop advanced skills and deepen your knowledge inside of our industry and in your life.


Wayne Dowhower Construction is a locally owned, Second generation family business that has deep roots in the North Platte area. Our third generation is heavily involved in the daily operations. We believe each and every coworker is an extension of our family, and we create an atmosphere focused on respect, encouragement, and growth.


Here at Wayne Dowhower Const. we want each and every employee to strive to move up into leadership roles. With hard work comes success.




With continued service technology changes. Here at Wayne Dowhower Const. we keep tabs on the advances in technology to better our process and applications on the job and in the office. Be empowering our leadership with means of communication and having job files at the touch of there finger we can speed up areas of the project.