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The Wayne Dowhower Construction team is constantly looking for better, safer, and more efficient ways to serve our clients.

The advancements in construction technology enable us to integrate various software platforms to efficiently manage projects and provide real-time data to assist with estimating, scheduling, project management, and billing. From collaboration and coordinating design, to estimating in preconstruction, to detailed planning at the project level, we integrate the right technology into our process so that our entire project team, including designers and subcontractors, can continuously improve efficiency, constructability, and predictability.


For over a decade, Wayne Dowhower Construction has used Sage's construction accounting software. Having jumped forward, we are now using Sage Intacct Construction (a native cloud-based accounting solution). We have improved our processes, have real-time visibility and insights, and have built all of our construction operations for the cloud. As a result, project billings have become more accurate and timely.


Using Sage Construction Management, we document and manage everything from meeting minutes to shop drawings, submittals, and RFIs. Our projects are made easier by Sage's simple, easy-to-learn, and easy-to-implement solutions. With this cloud-based project management software, you can access real-time data anywhere and anytime. It's never been easier to streamline operations in the field by connecting people, information, and processes. Project transparency and accountability have been improved through the use of Sage, as well as communication and insight among project teams.


Whenever possible, we use design software to enhance the design process. It is ideal for interior updates, renovations, and new construction. Throughout the design process, we can model it, coordinate it, estimate it, plan it, and then virtually build it before we even dig a hole. Through this process, communication has been enhanced, coordination has been improved, and risk has been reduced by enabling quicker, more accurate decisions. With this process, we can get most of the work out of the way before bringing on an architect. We have been able to save our clients substantial amounts of money as a result of these advantages.


We use 3D design for:

  • A visual representation

  • Estimates

  • Survey of Quantity

  • Trade coordination

  • Evaluations of constructability

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